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The Focus Theater

Dungeons Yes, And Dragons

Dungeons Yes, And Dragons

DURATION: Eight Total weeks
Sundays, 4/7 - 4/28, 5/19, 6/2-6/16
TIME: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Please note this class skips 5/5, 5/12, and 5/26.

Calling all adventurers, old and new! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling eight-week journey into the heart of tabletop gaming? Join us for a class that's not your average dungeon crawl—it's an adventure-packed exploration of storytelling and improvisation!
No matter your experience level, whether you're a seasoned dungeon master or a newbie eager to roll your first character, this class is tailor-made for you. We'll skip the boring rulebook lectures and dive straight into the exciting stuff—like how to think on your feet when your players throw you a curveball, or how to craft a tale that'll have your party on the edge of their seats!

With plenty of opportunities to play and learn together, you'll become the ultimate storyteller and game master in no time! Beyond skill-building and time around the table, students will come away from the class with group-workshopped combat ideas, character concepts, and plot hooks that they can bring into their current and future campaigns.


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