Location & Parking

Step One: Finding a Place to Park

Using the Parking Garages:

If you plan to utilize the Mortimer Street Parking garage for parking, you will want to enter the following address into your GPS: Mortimer Street Garage, 83 Mortimer St, Rochester, NY 14604

  • You will be prompted to grab a ticket in order to raise the gate for the North Clinton Street garage entrance. If you are visiting us on the weekend, parking is free if you leave through the N. Clinton entrance. During the week, parking typically costs $2/hour.
  • The South Clinton entrance is denoted with the parking symbol on the map below!
    On weekdays, you can also utilize the St. Joe’s Garage which you can find by entering the following address into your GPS: St. Joe’s Garage, 72 N Clinton Ave, Central Business District, Rochester, NY 14604
    • Parking costs $2 for two hours, and $2 for each additional hour beyond the first two.
    • If the N. Clinton gate is closed, it’s very likely that the Pleasant Street entrance is open. Just make the right onto Pleasant Street, and take the first turn on your right. Boom. Parking garage. The skybridge is on the third level of the garage.
    • This garage is closed on Sundays, and closes early Saturday afternoon. If the garage is closed, there are ample street parking spots and other garages downtown. If the garage closes while you’re parked inside, just pull up to the gate and it will open automatically.
      Parking on the third level of either garage will situate you right next to the skybridge that connects the garage to the Sibley Square building. You will enter the Sibley Square building on the second level (confusing we know) while the theater is on the third level. Please follow the signs that should lead you right to us!

        Street Parking:

        Our address is 260 East Main Street, Sibley Square, Rochester NY, 14604. If you’re having trouble finding us in your GPS, we recommend looking up “Sibley Square” or “Mercantile on Main” — as we’re all located in the same building!
        • There is plenty of street parking available around the Sibley Square building. Depending on the day, there are often spaces available right in front of the Sibley Square building! We tend to have good luck with spots right on Main Street, Cortland Street, and Franklin Street.
        • If you’re having trouble finding street parking, there are several downtown garages located nearby with reasonable hourly rates.
        • Street parking is typically free after 6pm but please confirm with fee stations.

          Have you considered... Ye Olde Public Transit?

          If you live on or near the Rochester bus line, you can take a bus to the RTS Transit Center, which is literally across the street from Sibley Square! Click here to find routes near you!



          If you utilized the parking garages and their associated skybridges to get to our space, you’re only a short walk away from the theater! We recommend utilizing Sibley Square’s digital map to find our space on the third floor. Our door is at the end of a long hallway on the left if you are coming out of the elevator. Please do not use the emergency staircases, as they are for emergencies only!

            FROM GROUND LEVEL:

            If you’re coming for class on Sunday — Mercantile on Main is currently closed on Sunday (and weekdays after 7pm), so their ground-level doors may be locked. However, our entrance at 260 E. Main will be open. If it isn’t (apologies in advance) please let your instructor and/or security know!

            If you’re coming any other day of the week — the doors to the building will be unlocked and open. We recommend entering through the 260 E. Main St. doors and walking to the back of the hallway to take the elevators up to the third floor. Having trouble finding us? We recommend utilizing Sibley Square’s digital map to find our space on the third floor.

              Still having trouble finding us? Please let us know if you need any additional assistance locating our space or navigating the surrounding area. There is a large sign with our logo at the end of our hallway — so if you’re having trouble, just look for the Focus Theater logo on the third floor!